Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Prude disapprives of herself

Somedays your Prude needs a Prude of her own. One who will tell her not to procrastinate.
I am on my own.
And I realize that today is a day I will be gadding about.
And I have nothing, NOTHING on which to write.
Therefore, I plagiarize.
Below is one of Your Prude's Favorite Poems.
I have been nagging- pardon- lecturing, everyone to read it.
So now I provide it, in all its glory.
And rest assured that tomorrow, Lord willing, I will have lectured myself into a state of preparedness.

The Mist and All

by Dixie Willson
To be read slowly and quietly
I like the fall
The mist and all
I like the night owl’s lonely call
And wailing sound
Of wind around
I like the gray
November day
And dead, bare boughs that coldly sway
Against my pane
I like the rain
I like to sit
And laugh at it
And tend my cozy fire a bit
I like the fall
The mist and all


The Prude said...

The Prude is having a long talk with Spellcheck and its failure to back her up lately.
Disapprives indeed!

Sue said...

A delightful poem. Maybe even Nancy would like it. I do not disapprive.

The Prude said...

Sue, you made my day.

Danielle said...

I didn't even notice the typo until you pointed it out! I have often wondered if it would be best to point out my obvious mistakes before someone else can, or to hope no one else notices. Both can backfire on you. Hmmmm, it is always a tough decision.