Thursday, November 11, 2010


The title gives it away.
One exvotion that is approved by this particular Prude is:
Short e

Her father used it for almost every situation listed in Wednesday’s post.
 ‘Heh’ had many manifestations and was dependent upon the initiating circumstance such as:

-Circumstance- Young Prude forgets to put the cap back on the toothpaste.
HEH  Manifestation: Small sigh, murmered ‘Oh Heh… (fade out as he searches for cap)

-Circumstance-Young Prude doesn’t clean up puppy poo that the Prude’s puppy deposited outside
the Prude’s parents bedroom door, which is henceforth discovered the next morning by
her father’s bare foot.

HEH  Manifestation- Middle toned, drawn-out HEEEEEEHHHHHHH! followed by a mad scramble for a tissue box, and a continuous negative shaking of the head.

-Circumstance-Teenage Prude, borrowing the family station wagon, turns up the radio to drown out annoying sound coming from under hood, which unfortunately has odorous and expensive consequences.
HEH  Manifestation- Short, explosive HEH repeated often and loudly at various intervals while striding around the smoking vehicle and the penitent young Prude.

The Prude has scrunched up her brain trying to remember other Exvotions used by her father but none come to mind.

He was the King of Heh, a sort of Van Gogh who turned Heh into an art form.
He expressed Heh-ishness with his entire being.
The Prude's Father in a potential Heh-induced situation perpetuated by an over-fed parakeet
He was a Heh Master.

-HEH is not to be confused with the term for the place that is the antithesis of heaven. The Prude’s father was adamant about that.

-HEH does fulfill the necessary and desired release of sound from one’s larynx, past one’s articulators and out of one’s mouth without resorting to blasphemy or coarse, crude terminology.

-HEH is therefore Prude approved, but there are more Prude-approved words in case
HEH doesn’t fulfill all your personal Exvotion needs.

Come back tomorrow as we complete our short list of Prude Approved Exvotions.


Danielle said...

I'm not too sure about that.... 'Heh' sounds an awful lot like a soft word for heck and we ALL know what heck is a substitute for! ;)

Danielle said...

Yay I was the first one to comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Danielle, we give Grandpa Mulder the benefit of the doubt because I think this was some Dutch sort of expression. And it could be a soft version of the bad word but... knowing my dad I doubt it.

Your were 1st AND 2nd to comment!!!!

I'm having trouble commenting on my own blog!

stephseef said...

Anita, are you related to any of the Mulders in Racine?