Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All Together Joyfully Sing

Proof the The Prude Takes Thanksgiving Seriously

Yesterday The Prude asked you to return today to ‘discuss’ Thanksgiving, at which point you probably snorted and said, ‘Oh right. As if The Prude ever does anything but lecture us.’
But today she really wants to hear what you have planned for Thanksgiving. If you can fight your way past the dragon that guards her comments section. (The Prude has noted that her Comment Dragon sometimes it doesn’t even let her in)

The Prude wants to know what you are doing for Thanksgiving because
she loves Thanksgiving and loves comments and doesn't want to feel  guilty telling YOU what SHE is doing.

She would love to tell you, without feeling self-absorbed, that her contributions to the Thanksgiving feast are
-a turkey breast that she will cook to the point of dryness to ensure all salmonella bacteria are emaciated,
-a new stuffing recipe that will immediately be rejected by at least 7 people because it contains mushrooms
-her mother’s mashed potato casserole that never tastes like mom’s
-a broccoli casserole with the broccoli cleverly disguised by cheese sauce and cracker crumbs
-the ugly apple slices dressed up with icing
-her piece-d’ resistance: Toll House pie with whipped cream.

Here is what she will be doing the next few days. Lord willing. Because she really loves this stuff.
-Take the way too much food and the ads for Friday bargains out to sister’s farm.
-Promise everyone we’ll eat at 2. Get food on table at 3:40. Eat. Repeat.
-Clean up with womenfolk while men mysteriously disappear
-Go on hayride. Sing Thanksgiving songs. Hope food compacts enough to support layer of dessert
-Eat dessert successfully. Play a game. Watch a movie. Sleep.

-90 minute trip to Black Friday shopping. Make new friends while standing in line with bargains. Lunch at restaurant where someone else prepares food and cleans up after.
-Christmas Parade in tiny town. Cheer wildly and catch Tootsie Rolls tossed by 4-H members, local politicians and Santa Claus

- Pancake Breakfast on Another Farm
-Return home
-Take down Thanksgiving decorations
-Vow to not eat until Christmas.

Your Prude, thankful for friends both known and unknown, would really love to hear something about how you celebrate her favorite holiday. And if you can't get past that lousy Comment Dragon, throw it a turkey bone. Maybe it will choke.


Wallydraigle said...

That sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving. We are:

--Loading the kids and their various accoutrements into the van and driving to my parents. We're supposed to be there by noon. Hah!

--Putting the older one down for a nap at one and crossing our fingers that she will sleep in my parents' cold, dark basement in the creepy workroom.

--Take turns holding (wrestling) the baby (mammoth).

--Put baby down for nap.

--Gorge ourselves silly.

--Get babies up.

--Drive home while half asleep.

--Sleepwalk around the house until the children go to bed.

--Suddenly be wide awake and unable to sleep.

--Watch mindless TV shows until one in the morning.

It's way more fun than it sounds.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Thanksgiving! Giving thanks! As Kathy Carlton Willis says on TCP, ThanksLIVING.

We have #1 son home with us for Thanksgiving. First time since college.

We have #2 son home with us.

We will have turkey and hopefully cooked correctly. Trimmings hopefully done at roughly the same time and served hot, not tepid.

We have husband's dad coming.

Later, we go to my folks' for crackers and cheese and raw veggies. (hear the rhyme? --gies, cheese...)

I plan today to play ('nother rhyme)the Thanksgiving CD of many varied recorded Thanksgiving songs compiled by the Prude last year. And still thankful I am!

Tammy said...

Sounds wonderful! We're going to my parents house. My dinner contribution is scalloped potatoes which is an upgrade from my previous duty of supplying bread. I take this as a sign of their blooming confidence in me... now that I'm all grown up with my own adult kids and all. Last year was my first potato year... I was supposed to practice the dish in the interim to perfect it. I didn't. I was actually just laying, er sitting here wondering if any local restaurant or market sells prepared scalloped potatoes. Maybe I should look for the recipe from last year. Maybe you all could send me your recipes. There are Thanksgiving songs?

PS... Your Comment Dragon is just hungry. He wants to be fed the password (which we really did type correctly the first time) a second time. I wonder if he likes potatoes...

The Prude said...

Oh Wally. This brings back memories. I just whined about my baby-crazed holidays instead of making them hilarious.
I hope the 1 AM TV shows are worthy of a holiday, and a mammoth-wrestling mommy.
P.S. Wally's baby is NOT a mammoth.
She is beautiful and adorable and squeezable.

The Prude said...

Robin, my little rhyming pal, I am so glad you aren't making 2 entire meals.
Have a lovely day. Make your boys come up from the basement.

The Prude said...

Tammy- you like this ploy of mine to have lots of comments? No- I hope I am not THAT pitiful.
I have no scalloped potato recipe. A little lady named Betty makes mine.
Here are some Thanksgiving songs:
-Come Ye Thankful People Come
-Thanks Be to God (From the Elijah)
-Everybody Eats When They Come to My House
-I've Got Plenty to be Thankful For
-Let All Things Now Living
-Now Thank We All Our God
-Praise and Thanksgiving Let Everyone Bring
-Shine on Harvest Moon
-Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Theme
-Turkey Gobbler
-Turkey in the Straw
-We Gather Together (to Ask The Lord's Blessing)

Your dragon insight made me laugh out loud.

Tammy said...

I'm seriously tempted to let Betty make mine and see if anyone is the wiser.

Danielle said...

Toll house pie!!!! I forgot about that! Oh now I really can't wait for tomorrow to come! :)

Abbie Grace said...

I'll try the new stuffing, I like mushrooms :) plus I am SUPER excited to be with you guys. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! oh, and I'm sure we'll get the guys to do the dishes.

The Prude said...

Good girl Abbie!