Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do you need the Prude? Nah.

No, seriously. The Prude is not being unduly modest. She likes her blog.
Sometimes she even makes herself chuckle, although she hopes no one is listening.
But her blog doesn’t share recipes, it doesn’t share housekeeping tips, it doesn’t give encouragement, advice, information, or free stuff. And although at times it may frustrate, irritate or simply confuse, it is never meant to enrage.
So why does The Prude bother?
Why should you, with your busy life, read a light and fluffy ‘Prude Disapproves’, which is seldom interactive, often misspelled, and never controversial?

‘The Prude Disapproves’ has made you aware that this particular Prude has strong opinions on modesty in clothing, cleanness of language, decency of behavior
and a plethora of other notions that have no bearing on anything (remember ‘The Weighted Alphabet’?)

But there is one characteristic about which The Prude is passionate.
It is the reason she began this blog in the first place.
She sees so little of it. So little civility in television, politics, religion, the workplace, the classroom, in families, among friends and amidst strangers.

Incivility is often disguised with wit or sarcasm sarcasm.
It is excused because of strongly held beliefs or passions.
It is almost expected in certain realms such as the editorial page and Washington DC, but it has gurgled up, slobbered out, and mucked up everything. Incivility is ubiquitous.

The Prude would like to carve out a little section of the world that, at its core, is cordial.

She has strongly held beliefs on religion, politics, education, society, language, nutrition and global stewardship. But this is not the venue to share them all.

She prefers not to mock, deride, satirize or condemn those whose views don’t match hers.
Not that she believes all opinions and ideas have equal validity.
Not because she doesn’t believe in absolutes.

But she has control over this blog. She chooses every day what to write.
The vast majority is incredibly nonsensical.
But her desire is that it remain one hundred percent courteous (in a goofy sort of way) one hundred percent of the time.

You don’t need The Prude. But she hopes you agree that we all need a more civil world.


katstrange said...

We may not need the Prude, but we like her. I think you left out the most important thing that the Prude's blog is not, and that is self-important. So many blogs are written is if we care what the bloggers kids are doing or what the author thinks about the train ride they just took or how they view nature. I don't know about others, but I know that I don't care. Funny, fluffy and civil is much more attractive in a blog.

Wait...was that an uncivil remark? Oops.

Wallydraigle said...

Well, I usually need a good laugh. The Prude is usually good for that.

Wallydraigle said...

You have the BEST spammers. I don't get spammers. Why is that? I feel so unpopular.