Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Readin’ Writin’, 'Rithemtic and Hist'Ry Wednesday : Our_________ fit your __________

Join The Prude for an energetic sashay down memory lane. Don’t bother to lace up your cross trainers or your Shape Up sneakers or even your trusty tennis shoes.
What you really need on your great pair of legs are L’eggs Panty Hose.
(Special exemption for Male Readers)

About 40 ago, something fresh rolled onto the fashion scene and everyone scrambled to own it.
‘It’ was a pair of pantyhose crammed into an elliptical orb that looked like a plastic Easter Egg on steroids. ‘It’ was better known as the ‘L’eggs Egg’.
(I may have lost those of you under 30 at ‘pantyhose’. Since The Prude is on a word limit, you’ll have to research them on your own)

SIDE NOTE: The Prude thinks the L’egg’s theme song may have single-handedly done more damage to the pantyhose industry than tanning booths.
“Our L’eggs fit your legs. They hug you, they hold you, they never let you go.”
(If you are paying attention you see the Prude helped you fill in the title blanks)
Can you think of many things more downright terrifying than a pair of stockings that NEVER LET YOU GO?

Back to the egg they came in:
The marketing genius behind the plastic egg may not have realized the boon his brainchild was to the craft and storage industries. 
Books were written detailing dozens of creative uses.
Sunday School teachers asked mothers to save the eggs, which were reborn as mangers at Christmas, candy holders at Valentine’s Day, wrapped with yarn on Easter, and made into precarious plant holders on Mother’s Day. 
Eggs kept jewelry and nail polish organized for traveling women; children saved treasures in them.  And who can forget the shiny silver eggs?
Sadly, a whole new generation, that’s who.
By the end of the 1980’s, L’eggs went the way of another 1970’s iconic orb: 
the AMC Pacer. 

Because everyone knows that in the 1980’s, it was hip to be square.


Robin J. Steinweg said...

Aaaah, Gasp! Uncontrollable laughter--near-asthma-attack...

That's pretty funny, Prude!

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