Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hist'Ry Wednesday: What was that, Dan'l?

Today is The Prude's birthday. 
She is back from a quick trip to Fort Boonesborough in Kentucky just in time to celebrate, and to reflect on
Lessons Learned from Daniel Boone

1) Love what you do. Just not as much as friends and especially family. Daniel was a trailblazer, but he enjoyed a rich social life, and everything he did he did for his loved ones.
2) Dress comfortably, but well (Daniel seldom wore coonskin caps. He thought they were tacky)
3) Name your favorite accessories//tools/firearms/appliances. His rifle is named Tick-licker. The Prude family was guided home by a GPS named Tom.
4) Respect life. Daniel fired Tick-licker only when necessary, and recalls killing just one Indian in his entire life.
5) Read whenever possible. Daniel took The Bible and Gulliver's Travels with him on his hunting trips
6) Stand tall: Daniel may be remembered as a 'big man' but he was only 5'10"
7) If the Lord gives you long life, enjoy it. Daniel lived to be almost 86, and died after eating too many of his favorite sweet potatoes.

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Lori said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear Prude. You are a treasure.