Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quirks of the Cosmos Thursday: The Bladder of Tycho Brahe

The Prude knows what you’re thinking.
“How clever of The Prude to associate quirks of the COSMOS with a famed ASTRONOMER”
However, The Prude must humbly admit that it is not the cosmos-observing aspect of Tycho that is quirky, or even his bladder.

This quirk relates to ‘WHAT $24,000 of College Education Will Get You’

Notice the quirk is not even that at one time you could get 4 years of college for $24,000.

The quirk is this:
 When The Prude casts her mind over her 36 months of higher education, she remembers wonderful friends, parties, hundreds of thousands of cups of coffee, 3 boyfriends, learning to whistle and all the words to ‘Hava Nagila’.

And one detail gleaned from 39 classes:
Tycho Brahe was an astronomer who was at a party with nobility. He had too much to drink. But he couldn’t excuse himself to use the men’s room because NO ONE left the room before the king. So his bladder burst and he died.

To her shame The Prude doesn’t even know what makes him such a famous astronomer.
30 years later,  to remedy this black hole in her astronomical fact base, she researched Tycho Brahe.
She is happy she did. 
Do you know that he lost part of his nose in a drunken duel and wore a prosthesis made from copper?

The moral of the story: Don't despair when you can't remember everything you learned in high school or college. You never know when one isolated fact on a bladder will lead you to a copper prosthetic nose.

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Robin J. Steinweg said...

I am--just--speechless! Well, not entirely.
It's simply that you have summed up college.