Monday, May 2, 2011

The Fellowship of the Prudes Begins

Mother and Father Prude unpacking some WSSW's

Global Village Monday may find you asking, “I think my son/daughter/self has prudish tendencies. How can I develop and encourage these? How can he/she/I join the Fellowship of Prudes across the Universe?”
From time to time The Prude will share means, methods and opportunities to further Prude Development.
Global Village Monday and the WSSW Handbag

Every Prude needs a handbag full of Wise Sayings and Stories of Warning. The more the better. One for every situation is optimal. The Prude shares some of the favorites from her girlhood so you can begin stuffing your WSSW handbag.

Father Prude tended toward Wise Sayings. Here are 4 of his favorites:
-A place for everything and everything in its place
-To look poor and be poor is twice poor
-Man’s work goes from sun to sun, woman’s work is never done.
-The only difference between a cow chewing its cud and a girl chewing gum is the intelligent look on the cow’s face.

Mother Prude’s Stories of Warning were of the Dire Consequences sort.
Her mainstays:
-“I knew a girl who had a pimple on her nose and when she picked it, she got blood poisoning and died.
-“I knew a girl who was playing with a balloon that popped and when she inhaled it she choked and died.
-“I knew a girl who didn’t wash the dishes well enough and when her family ate off them
they got food poisoning and died”

There you go. That should be enough to start filling that WSSW bag for your long and delightful journey to be part of the Fellowship of the Prudes. 
This may be a good time to share some of your own Wise Sayings or Stories of Warning. Prepared Prudes always have room for one more.

See you tomorrow for the Tuesday Stew, and in the meantime, pick no pimples, eat no balloons, and chew gum at your own peril..

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