Friday, May 27, 2011

Photojournalism Friday: SQUIRREL!

We open the story with Bonny, the faithful Tree Guard Dog, on duty

What was that? SQUIRREL?

I saw it! I swear I saw it!

That lousy squirrel went up my tree!

Could you give me a boost please?

I'm only one dog. How can I guard my tree from this side,

AND from this side?
WHAT? No! I wasn't sleeping!

(that was awkward)

To add insult to injury, she tells me I have something on my face
Lying down on the job? Naw! My contract says I get Memorial Day weekend off.

Enjoy, everyone, and don't forget to remember all those who gave themselves for our country.

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ScheltyDebate said...

It is so nice to enjoy a dog through pictures... it really is the best way. Adorable!