Friday, May 6, 2011

Add a Caption Contest: Win a Prize!

Welcome to something new and fresh at 'The Prude Disapproves".
(she isn't ashamed to admit she adapted this idea from several other bloggers)

The first 'Add a Caption' Contest

Above is a photo Your Prude took of 2 amorous bluebirds setting up housekeeping.
It needs a caption and this is not an area The Prude has shown prowess.

-If you know how to get past the Comment Dragon,
you can post your caption right here. (I am still trying to bribe the dragon to be more inviting
to comment posters, but so far he is unmoved by my entreaties) 

-You can post it on my Facebook page
-You can email it to:

The winner will be announced Monday, and receive a little prize involving possibly chocolate, some reading material, something nice to drink- or maybe the prize will be tailor made to your specifications.

Don't let Your Prude down! I am eager to see a caption that will do these bluebirds proud!


dljatj said...

"If you think this house is nice you'll just love the one I've picked out for us just over yonder."


"I know you love this mansion, but the bank won't float us a loan. We'll be so cozy in the little box over there."

Celeste said...

"So, if winds and high waters like that approach our neighborhood, that's what I want you to do, darling, understood?"

The Prude said...

I like these- I like these very much!

Celeste said...

"So then, Benny is like, "If the Cardinals and the Ravens go head to head, the Ravens would totally win." And I was like, "Okay, but they wouldn't stand a chance against the SeaHawks." And you won't believe this. He looks me straight in the eye and says, "The Ravens would totally take down the SeaHawks or your precious Falcons anyday!" And then he casually takes a sip of his BirdLight. I couldn't take anymore beak from that guy, Doris. I marched right out of the Seedy Feeder Bar and Grill before I'd do something I'd regret."

Brandon said...

In honor of Mother's Day:

"Yes, mom. I pruned under my wings."

The Prude said...

Now I am laughing out loud Celeste and Brandon!

Anonymous said...

Squatter, go home! - Joanie

mom said...

Every woman's dream who stops to ask for directions!

(There you have it! And I confess to NOT marrying that man :::sigh:::)

Tammy ~@~

Mark F. said...

You see that, Mildred? You see those sparrows? Well, there goes the neighborhood.

john said...

This is too much fun.
Winner announced Monday!!!!!!

The Prude said...

No no no no no.
No John here. That was The Prude promising to announce the winner.
Very very strange

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