Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Wednesday Bump

Wednesday is Bump Day here at ‘The Prude Disapproves’.
The Bump is created by writer’s block and although The Prude experiences some form or size or substance of it every day, the Wednesday Bump has the form, size and substance of something that could knock off Tokyo and Godzilla without breaking a sweat.

Last Wednesday The Prude tried Recipe Wednesday, with less than howling success.
Next Wednesday may be filled with Household Tips.

This Wednesday The Prude will drag you around her home and share her obsession.
It afflicts women in The Prude’s age group.
Unlike the common coldish, it does have a cure.
The Disease?
Seasonal Over-Decorating (SOD)
The Cure?
The next age group up from The Prude.
When The  Prude moves from middle age to older-than-middle-age the forgetfulness and sloth she is already experiencing will no doubt worsen.
She’ll forget which unusual place she stored what box of seasonal treasures. She may work up the energy to find the decorations, but by that time her slothful sluggishness will take over and she’ll shove the box of snowman decorations back into the bottom of the freezer.

But for now The Prude managed to find all her winter decorations.
And since it is Wednesday, and The Writer’s Block Bump is too formidable to challenge,
The Prude presents a few of her Winter SOD arrangements.
Some bumpy Wednesday in February she’ll probably share her Sweetheart SOD.
Consider yourself warned.


ScheltyFly said...

Well, for all the similarities I have discovered reading your blog, here is a difference... I don't know when I will hit the age of SOD, never having it be a part of my life yet. You have to have clear surfaces to put pretty little decorations out and I think if I ever accomplish clear surfaces, they will probably just stay clear, much to Rick's overwhelming joy!

The Prude said...

Sandy, that is probably because you had cure little girls to dress up. I have to have a creative outlet SOMEWHERE.

The Prude said...

CUTE little girls.

Anonymous said...

You definitely need a granddaughter! - Joanie

Sue said...

I had a delightful time seeing these delightful decorations the day after bump day. Did you ever find the tiny thing I moved?