Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Idea Snagger's Nemesis

The Idea Hunter with his Idea Snagger

(The Prude has a feeling she did a previous post about the brain. And about disco.
She never promised you originality, merely verbosity)

Your Prude has always struggled with absent-mindedness. Even as a child she was a victim of Wandering Brain Cells.

Childbirth and childrearing, as any woman who has engaged in them knows, is very hard on brain cells. Instead of wandering, free and easy, some cells curl up in a fetal position, thumb in mouth and hum softly to themselves for a few decades. Other brain cells spend the childrearing years stomping back and forth from the frontal lobe to the temporal lobe, or locking themselves in the cerebellum and refusing to come out.

But now The Prude is almost through with the childrearing phase of life. She’s been trying to convince her brain cells that it is safe to come out resume normal activity.
But the cells are either rusty from underuse, or creaky from overuse (the worry brain cells are particularly swollen and sore from 24 years of constant use and need ibuprofin to get moving)

Everyone who is anyone in the Brain Cell industry tells women hovering around The Prude’s age to learn something new. It is the best thing to breath new life into those poor, quivering brain cells.

The Prude’s current arsenal of New Things include endless games of Scrabble, and this blog.

Lurking in her brain is the Idea Hunter. The Prude’s Idea Hunter roams around her brain, tiptoeing past nervous brain cells that are trying to engender some New and Clever post idea for the blog.
The Idea Hunter’s job is to snag the Idea before it dissolves into nothingness or flits somehow out of the brain and into the stratosphere.

But in The Prude’s brain, an enemy also lives and thrives. It doesn’t prowl. It Grapevines, Hustles and Electric Slides it’s way through the brain, panicking the skittish brain cells and infuriating the Idea Hunter.

The enemy? Inane 70’s Disco Lyrics.
How does it work?
Please come back tomorrow because these scientific posts with all their technical terminology are very hard work for The Prude.
But it will be worth it if she can just coax the brain cells past KC and The Sunshine Band
telling them ‘That’s the way, uh huh uh huh…”

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you were able to enlighten me re: brain function. It beats any published science theories!