Thursday, January 27, 2011

…and this is your brain on disco

Yesterday we laid the groundwork for scientific reasons people like The Prude forget things, especially Potentially Great Ideas for Posts for this Blog.
We threw around technical jargon like ‘Cerebellum’ and ‘Electric Slide’.

The Prude won’t apologize because it is important to know terminology before understanding any condition.

That said, today we’ll use pictures.

This first illustration shows a brain cell coming up with an Idea for a Post for this Blog.
It is a very good idea.
Idea Snagger, Brain Cell & Idea. You'll need to imagine the Idea Hunter

The brain cell emits little sputtering sounds, an indication to the Idea Hunter that an Idea is about to materialize.

The Idea Hunter knows how quickly these lovely, shy, ephemeral ideas can dissolve into a shattered heap of thought fragments which, like Mr. Dumpty, may never be reunited.
Idea Hunter quietly fires up the Idea Snagger and tiptoes over to the timid brain cell.

There is the Idea, all fresh and lovely and very very clever, floating in the air. The high-strung brain cell is working hard to hold onto the Idea.

And then, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, and bumping brain cells left and right with total disregard for the fragile forming Ideas, hustles a clueless Inane Disco Lyric.
Discombobulated Brain cell, Disintegrating Idea, Disgruntled Idea Snagger, Disco Lyric

The wonderfully clever Idea for a Post, that delicate bud at the point of blossoming into a full-blown 300-word-or-less Reality, is boogie-oogie-oogie into nothingness.

The brain cell retires, quivering, to a dark hole and refuses to think of anything. She can’t. The fatuous lyrics keep her cowering there with all the other brain cells
who can’t formulate a complete thought without bursting into ‘Don’t stop it now don’t stop it (uh) don’t stop it now…”(repeated a quadrillion times)

The Idea Hunter shoves the Idea Snagger back into its holster in disgust. There is nothing for him to do. He has to hope something like Vivaldi’s Double Flute Concerto for 2 flutes, strings & continuo in C major can somehow pipe its way past the Incessant Disco Lyrics and coax the timorous, trembling brain cells back to work.

Until that time, the Idea Hunter just grabs a date and puts on his Boogie Shoes.

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Sue said...

How can you make such and entertaining blog about no idea for a blog?!? Let me know if the double flute concerto kick starts things! Keep writing.