Friday, January 14, 2011

Limping down Memory Lane

Here's something odd:
The Prude remembers things that happened in 1969.
And she has a niggling notion that many of you weren't even born in 1969.

But here's something odder:
The Prude found her father's stack of teacher edition Weekly Readers from '68-'69.
So she looked up the January 15 Weekly Reader.
Lo and behold, it was all about the upcoming inauguration (in-aw-gyoo-RAY-shun)
of Richard Nixon and how it compared to that of George Washington a mere 180 years previous.

Did you know President Washington wore a plain brown suit of Connecticut-made cloth?
And the inauguration (see pronunciation above) cost the taxpayers nothing?
It doesn't say what President Nixon wore, but the whole shebang cost us 2 million.

Other noteworthy Weekly Reader news:
Lady Bird Park on the Potomac was named in honor of... Lady Bird.
The Manhattan Tribune was the new newspaper on the block in New York.

A joke of the week was:
Why is a banana peel on the sidewalk like music?
Answer: You will B flat if you don't C sharp.

And as The Prude was scrinching up her memory thinking of what she remembered of the '60's,
she suddenly thought:
Priscilla's Pop!  The comic strip!
Anybody remember it?
And another comic strip (she doesn't remember which one) had a major character named Daisy Swemp-
spelled backwards 'Ysaid Pmews' which would be her movie star name if she ever
became a movie star. Needless to say  Young Prude tried her name backwards.
You know, in case she ever became a movie star.

If you ever hear of anyone named 'Gnuoy Edurp' becoming famous, you'll know who it really is.


Lori said...

I used to love the Weekly Reader!!!

Tammy said...

Sigh... I spent the late 60's living in the Ohio Valley. My grandpa and I planted green beans and other things in his backyard and went on long walks. I remember getting Mr. Potato Head. It was a very simple life and some of my fondest memories.