Monday, January 17, 2011


Let’s start the week out with a little photojournalistic chronicle of mayhem and carnage, shall we?
Before you begin to read, you’ll want to create some atmosphere by playing some very frightening background music.
The Prude suggests the shark music from Jaws, the shower scene tune from Psycho
or the Barney Theme Song.

Now that we have the music, we need a victim. This one with the winsome, pleading eyes will do.

Add a reprobate. One that looks lovable and fluffy only adds to the drama.

And now something you don’t see in every Law and Order Criminal Intent or Agatha Christie novel:

A timed crime spree

Look closely at the time.
This was mere seconds before the reprobate met its quarry.

Here, (and The Prude wants you to know this is an exclusive) we see the miscreant in action, wreaking merciless havoc the defenseless victim.

Literally moments later, it is all over.

Nothing left but a shell of the hapless prey, its innards, and a pair of winsome, pleading eyes.
The Prude is rather proud of this picture. Doesn't it look sort of other-worldly?

The Prude would write more on this moving saga, but her fluffy criminal got a hold of the shell of the hapless prey and wants to engage in some tug-of-war.
Could any legal analysts out there inform The Prude if this makes her  an Accomplice After the Fact?


Anonymous said...

The Prude is an Accomplice in this case,as she knows the reputation of the reprobate, she still put the helpless prey in harms way.

Sue said...

This scene is played out twice every time the reprobate come to stay with us. But next time I think I will have appropriate music ready. I found that did enhance the drama significantly.

Lori said...

Loved your photos. I was too impatient to hunt for music so just had to hum a few notes from Jaws instead.
We have a stuffed animal destroyer at our home too, but she is black and has ears that stand straight up. Sally keeps buying the stuffed toys for her--I keep cleaning up the remnants.