Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hand me the Swan Lake screwdriver, will ya?

Today we have a Guest Request Disapproval
It comes directly from The Prude's Husband.
This is a man who could handle hand tools as soon as he was old enough to pound holes in his parent's basement carpet.
A man whose livelihood depends on his intimate knowledge of power tools.
But this screw:
 has him stumped.
There is no place to attach a screwdriver.

There are a lot of screwdrivers and tips in the world.
The Prude has a set of pink tools, on the misguided notion that a household of men would never be seen in the vicinity of pink tools and would leave her tools alone.
She didn't realize that a man in urgent need of a hammer or crescent wrench is color blind.
Hence, many of The Prude's pink tools are cowering, ladylike, among the testosterone colored tools in the garage.
But she did manage to find all these screwdrivers and tips:
None of whom are good enough for our slender screw.

She is a diva in the world of ordinary straight-slot, Philips head and square tipped screws.
She is strong and independent, a screw who can make it on her own.
She doesn't need any screwdriver.
She simply gets a good pirouette going, raises her arms, and whirls herself right into the medium of choice for a screw of her caliber.
Happy Twirls to You,  Prima Screw.


ScheltyFly said...

A hex wrench needed perhaps? We have some of those around here... bewitching, aren't they?

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I'm starting my Christmas wish list now: Item #1-pink tool set.

Thank you, Prude! You've given this musician a whole new outlook on screws and screwdrivers. They don't seem so foreign now.

The Prude said...

Dear Prude,
What a great job you did on those ballerina arms! It must have taken you at least 8 tries to get them so graceful-looking!

The Prude said...

Schelty- the hex wrench didn't quite cut it.
Robin- keep the pink tools away from your menfolk!

Anonymous said...

Could you demonstrate that pirouette in person? - Joanie

Screwdriver set said...

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