Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Twist of No Lemon, Please

Mystery Elixir

The Prude has to make this quick. But she wants to share a little interchange she had one hot summer day with two little neighbors. Just to change things up.

It is a hot day. The Prude is too cheap to turn on the air conditioning.
The doorbell rings.
Prude drags herself to the door and tries to grip the sweaty handle.
On the doorstep are 2 appealing little children.

Appealing Little Girl (intelligently): Hi! It’s really hot out!
Appealing Little Boy draws his hand dramatically across his freckled brow.

Prude: (suspiciously): Good morning. Yes, I suppose it is. Are you selling air conditioning for cheap?

Appealing Little Girl: Oh ho ho! You are so funny!
Appealing Little Boy claps a freckled hand to his mouth and laughs uproariously

Prude (suspiciously): What is that you have on the steps behind you?

ALG (apparently shocked): Oh, THAT?
ALB widens both eyes and holds hands (you’ll remember they are freckled, right?) to his cheeks in awe and wonderment.

Prude (suspiciously): Yes. It looks like a pitcher and some glasses. And a money belt.

ALG (admiringly): You have really good eyes for your age.
ALB nods sagely in the direction of  Prude’s eyes.

Prude (suspiciously): Did you make the stuff in the pitcher?

ALG (proudly): Yes!  Can you guess what it is?
ALB puffs chest out proudly, takes the pitcher and displays it before Prude’s good (for her age) eyes.

Prude (suspiciously): Ummm- lemonade?

ALG (condescendingly): That is a really good guess!
ALB pats Prude on the hand.

I told you I had to make this quick, right? Come back tomorrow to discover why the Prude is so suspicious of such appealing children and what happened with the mystery liquid.. In the meantime you may want to ponder the contents. Your Prude has generously shared a photo of the elixir with you. And remember- tomorrow is Part II of
‘No Twist of Lemon, Please! A Cautionary Tale”


Wallydraigle said...

I'm guessing your suspicion has something to do with the fact that you have three boys.

Tammy said...

LOL - I am severely phobic of heat... and, while I can't imagine what the darling freckled kiddos were pushing on you, I'm still stuck on the no a/c part. We have a couple of window units (because for some reason architects in So Cal didn't think that homes needed central air until about 10 years ago) and I would go get a job if I needed the extra money to run those things.

Okay, I wouldn't... I would just go to my mom's. She has central air.

ScheltyFly said...

I'm already trying to guess... pink juice with pulp... what other fruits have enough juice and have pulp. I think, I think... I think I won't guess in case I'm right. My kids hate when I give away "who done it" in a movie that I've never seen. Too much Encyclopedia Brown as a child.

The Prude said...

Ladies, thank you for stopping by in spite of the addition of a Link dragon to my blog.
Where is the Beowulf when I need him?