Friday, December 3, 2010

Hug a Brit and Hand Him a Shovel

For some unknown, but rather delightful reason, when The Prude hits ‘Latest Headlines’ on the gray area of her Google start page called (I am pretty sure) a TOOLBAR,
she immediately accesses BBC news, which has a whole different approach to World News than, say, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC,  or Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.

As she scrolled down the headlines, looking for something on which to comment, she realized that the state of the world today is nothing to laugh at.
She figures it would be redundant to disapprove of the propensity of N. and S. Korea to air strikes, tactless to comment on Nigeria’s lawsuit against Dick Cheney, and boorish
to call attention to England’s loss to Mr. Putin as host of the 2018  Soccer World Cup.

But as she scrolled down the headlines, she was fascinated to see the following:
-‘‘Much, much colder’ weather in UK’
- ‘Trains off as temps plunge’
- ‘Travel disrupted in heavy snow’
- ‘Fresh warning of snow and sleet’

And just as she was beginning to wonder what Charles Dickens and Winston Churchill would have thought of a country on the North Sea and on the same latitude as parts of Hudson Bay that whines about SNOW in DECEMBER
she scrolled down to this headline:

-‘Is the UK Uniquely Bad at Coping with Snow?’

Again, tact, (even though The Prude is descended from a long line of hardy, we-laugh-at-cold-weather type of Dutchmen), prevents The Prude from commenting on the above headline. You and the UK can draw your own conclusions.

But The Prude is not heartless. She saw another story, about an Olympic skier (as in downhill in the snow) named Mr. Kwame Nkkrumah-Acheampong from the tropical West African country of Ghana who is hoping to build a ski slope there.
In tropical Ghana.

And The Prude wonders in Mr. Kwame Nkkrumah-Acheampong, obviously an optimist
with big ideas, couldn’t possibly help the UK with their snow issues, or at least their attitudes.

The Prude will see if she can set up a meeting.

Have a wonderful weekend, and if the weather is bad where you live- keep a stiff upper lip and show the Brits how it is done.


ScheltyFly said...

Awww... have a little compassion! My sis hasn't left her house with her two little ones since last Tuesday! :( I just spoke with her yesterday and they are all reaching out to one another to make sure the elderly have what they need and that people are being cared for. Her hubby has been a saint walking to the neighbors, commuting hours a day, and this morning driving a woman to the airport before work because the trains are closed, so she could go to her mother's funeral. They seem to be dealing with it well and my sis wasn't whining at all! (Course she is an American yet, even if her kids are dual. lol)

Tammy said...

You should see the headlines when it rains in So Cal! Or when it might rain. Of course being one to never waste an opportunity to stay home, I immediately cancel all plans and hunker down. ;)

The Prude said...

One of these days I will have a post on my utter hypocrisy.
I am the queen of whiners, in spite of my thick-blooded ancestors.

So nice to have correspondents in California AND the UK- even if the British one is just by association :)