Monday, December 27, 2010

The day after the day after

It’s the day after the day after Christmas. It is also a Monday, and this results in a double-whammy of disapproval.
To top off the twofold excuse for blahness, The Prude is feeling churlish. She isn’t happy with herself. She engaged in too much excessive overindulgence.
As a counter-measure she will draw on the universal antidote to personal dissatisfaction: a Resolutions List.
But Your Prude is also a purist, in a murky sort of way, and knows that the proper time for life-changing resolutions is New Year’s Day.
So she will content herself with making some
This Week resolutions.

T.W. Resolution #1
The Prude will not, until New Year’s Eve, consume any foodstuff whose name contains a vowel.

T.W. Resolution #2
She will not inadvertently croon ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’.

T.W. Resolution #3
She will resist the temptation to buy 30 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper because it is 75% off.

T.W. Resolution #4
She will not watch every episode of her ‘Perry Mason Season 1’ gift in a single sitting.

T.W. Resolution #5
She will burn her balsam-scented candle even when she doesn’t have company because it makes her happy.

T.W. Resolution #6
She will enjoy her peppermint coffee till it is gone instead of trying to save it till it for a special occasion.


T.W. Resolution # 7
The Prude will not succumb to post-Christmas blues. She will not.



katstrange said...

I'm so happy that Christmas is over. Now I only have to suffer through a trip to visit relatives and NYE. January and February are so necessary for me to unjangle every nerve that has been standing on end and screaming for the last two months. My hermitude only deepens with every November and December that I live through.

Wallydraigle said...

There are some really delicious Jewish/Israeli treats out there. You could have some חרוסת or some סופגנייה or some קרמבו. No vowels. The קרמבו even has CHCLT.

The Prude said...

Kathy, once I get past New Year's Day, I really love January. The cozy month. Hope it is great for you.

Thank you Wally, I'll be petitioning for an Israeli deli to open here in town.

Tammy said...

You always make me laugh! I'm sorry you are not enjoying this most joyful day of the year. I am never happier than when that darn tree is outta my living room!