Friday, December 17, 2010

And the POS award goes to…

Yesterday The Prude wrote on adverbs.
Last week, (if she remembers correctly), she wrote on ellipses.
She is obviously infatuated with the Parts of Speech.

She has so many favorites (as long as we use the term Parts of Speech in its broadest possible context).
Here is The Prude’s definition:
A part of speech is anything that can be reproduced on a keyboard.
This of course includes the traditional nouns, verbs, pronouns, etc. etc. etc.

It includes punctuation: the dash, the confusing em-dash, even this guy:
:) his sly sibling ;) and the pitiful :(

It includes CAPITALIZATION, italicization, and underlining for emphasis

We will even honor more amorphous POS’s, such as the Incomplete Sentence, so frowned upon in grammar class and so ubiquitous here at ‘The Prude Disapproves’.

We can’t leave out one of The Prude’s personal favorites, (not that she would),
the parentheses.

And The Prude got to thinking…
Everything gets an award these days. Even now, nominees for the Golden Globe Awards are being announced, and The Prude imagines they have nothing to do with favorite planets or solar flares.

The Prude would like to honor something most of us who communicate in some way or other can’t do without.

She wants to know-
what is your favorite part of speech?
And why?
Can you use it in a sentence?

Polls are open now. Struggle past The Prude’s comment dragon, or share on her Facebook page, or just use your favorite POS sometime this weekend and point it out to others. Let’s honor POS’s as all good award recipients are honored- with overuse and over-exposure.

The Prude will go first. It was a hard choice, given her love of the ellipsis, her passion for parentheses, her adoration of italicization. But what she really likes to sink her teeth into is a good Acronym.
So- what is you favorite POS?


Tammy said...

Most definitely the ellipsis!

Tammy said...
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ScheltyFly said...

A favorite? How does that work for a person who loves all words without discrimination? I can't do it, I'm sorry! (Perhaps I have lived in the Madison area too long.) If I say I love adverbs or adjectives or sarcasm, my little ellipsis and parenthesis would feel neglected. But considering my ENFP nature, I would have to say my most used POS is the ellipsis, because it allows me to not finish a...

Anonymous said...

Me thinks me lacks knowledge of all POS sinc I am excited when I can put together a great thought into 1 sentence! _ Joanie

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