Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do Candidate Huntsman a Favor. Hate Him.

The Prude should contact Jon Huntsman.
Huntsman. Jon. Utah governor. Ambassador to China. Republican Presidential candidate.Boy Scout.
It’s this last one that, in the Prude’s opinion, is responsible for him flying lower under the public recognition radar than a dust bunny avoiding a vacuum cleaner.
If you’ll recall from yesterday, Newt Gingrich believes there is no place in politics for nice Boy Scouts. 
Maybe, much as it pains the Prude to admit it, Jon should listen to Newt.
Nobody seems to hate him.
And if a self-proclaimed ‘center-right conservative’ who is sort of a Mormon, sort of against global warming, sort of for a health care mandate and sort of disliking illegal immigration can’t get anyone to love his policies, he better get someone to hate him.
He better get a lot of people to hate him really quickly or he’ll be sucked up into the vacuum cleaner of obscurity along with past presidential hopefuls.
(Remember Jim Gilmore? Dennis Kucinich? There you have it.)
Mr. Huntsman needs to do or say something outrageous. He needs to get nasty. 
He’s got to lose the quiet speaking voice and get strident. Maybe he could make snide comments in the Mandarin Chinese he speaks so well. Few folks would know what he was saying but most would assume it was nasty. Especially if he said it with a sneer.
He rides a Harley. Maybe he could make cutting remarks about Kawasakis.
He considers himself a ‘street food connoisseur and frequents taco stands’. Could he mock Big Macs? Sonic? Tick off the midwest by questioning the veracity of Butter Burgers?
He would have the added benefit of getting taco stand frequenters calling Big Mac consumers names.
He could have Kawasaki riders blogging (anonymously and from a safe distance) about the lack of gray matter in the brains of Harley riders.
To be a viable candidate, Mr. Huntsman needs to realize the importance of being hated. Of helping Americans hate, if not each other, at least each other’s policies.
Are you with me? Can we, whether we want him for President or not, give Mr. Huntsman a fighting chance? Can we spread, if not actual hate, some intense dislike?
It looks like his only chance.

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ScheltyDebate said...

I really do like him best. It is kinda sad that he is soooooo unknown.