Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Blink Chicago

The Prude decided to name the series of photos this week
'Chicago: A Study'

If you remember, Monday was 'Sunrise Over Chicago',
Tuesday showcased 'You Don't Have to be Rich to Stay in Chicago if it's Only for a Few Minutes'

Today let's peer into 'Set in Stone: The Face of Chicago'.

Look carefully at the grizzly bear. You will see two faces smashed into his palms. The Prude thinks she has had several nightmares about this.

The name of this Ptolemaic-Roman period statue is 'Man With a Wrinkled Brow'
The Prude couldn't have done better herself.

The ancient version (above) and the modern (below)

Hmmmm. Does he remind you of anyone?

This is Jack Brickhouse. He was the announcer for the Chicago Cubs years ago. He was dearly beloved.

Got snow? Get happy!

The Family Prude 'views' Marilyn.


Susan said...

I got a kick out of this this morning!

Lori Lipsky said...

Fun, light-hearted start to the day. Thanks, Prude.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Fantastic Prude! I am enjoying my laugh very much!! Your picture even made it is this one. I love it when your family shows up.

Suef said...

The above was NOT "anon" It was me!

A Circle of Quiet said...

Love the family prude shot. And that poor man with the wrinkled brow. He must have had teenagers, don't you think?