Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All Praise to Thee, Eternal Lord

These graceful lyrics are credited to Martin Luther. I like it more than ‘Away in a Manger’ which, I just learned, was NOT written by the fine reformer.

I particularly like the line 'Choosing a manger for thy throne while worlds on worlds are thine alone'.

1 All praise to thee, Eternal Lord,
Clothed in a garb of flesh and blood;
Choosing a manger for thy throne,
While worlds on worlds are thine alone.

2 Once did the skies before thee bow;
A Virgin's arms contain thee now:
Angels who did in thee rejoice
Now listen for thine infant voice.

3 A little Child, thou art our Guest,
That weary ones in thee may rest;
Forlorn and lowly is thy birth,
That we may rise to heav'n from earth.

4 Thou comest in the darksome night
To make us children of the light,
To make us, in the realms divine,
Like thine own angels round thee shine.

5 All this for us thy love hath done;
By this to thee our love is won:
For this we tune our cheerful lays,
And shout our thanks in ceaseless praise.


Suef said...

Thanks for helping us take time to pay attention to the beautiful words of a Christmas carol we sing every year.

Susan said...

"by this to thee our love is won"!!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

"...in the darksome night..."

"...our cheerful lays..."

Beautiful language! I love this.