Monday, December 12, 2011

Golden Hour

This week will showcase Photography ala Prude.
She was in Chicago this weekend and saw all kinds of series of artistic displays.
Being a plagiarist at her essence she gives the idea a whirl.

She likes to call this first set 'Sunrise Over Chicago'
Unoriginal, yes. But who can think of a new term for a sun that has been rising from time out of mind?


Robin J. Steinweg said...

Great pics, Prude! The sunset, the sun shining through the grass... scenes from my favorite Artist.

I like this Prude's-eye view of the windy city.

Suef said...

I loved the pictures. I am not sure why you would be up that early but the pictures are worth it. I liked the dogs but especially Kaleb's refection in the window. Bonny and I were snug back here in McFarland.