Friday, December 2, 2011

The November-to-December Bridge

Thankfully not everyone has Prude rules about avoiding all things Christmas till December 1.
Some folks have a flair for building a lovely bridge to transport her across those final, quiet days of November from
the Joys of Thanksgiving to the Festivities of Christmas.

At the late November side of the bridge, the earth has settled into quiet mode. 

Nests bereft of babies serve as frost receptacles

Unclad trees are unashamed to reveal alluring views of the heavens

The sun tucks itself behind the hills

with a cheery farewell

and somersaults its way to pop up past the opposite hills the next morning.

All is safely gathered in... the December opening show comes into sight.

Add Breakfast on the Farm for the final few feet

And The Fortified Prude, with December waiting at the other end of the bridge, can say
'Hey! That bridge wasn't so bad after all!'


ScheltyDebate said...

Frost receptacles... ♥
Somersaulting sun... ♥
Tucked in photo... ♥
Thank you for pointing out the bridge and that there is some beauty here. I am not ready for Christmas yet, but I do love the beautiful white blanket of snow more than the grey dull dirt.

A Circle of Quiet said...

How is it that amidst this poetic language and gorgeous scenery, I am fixated on that huge griddle. I could use one of those here.

Welcome to December, dear Prude!


Suef said...

Lovely to still be able to read The Prude while out of town! I loved the pictures too!

Lori Lipsky said...

Loved the poetic lines. "Unclad trees" and "earth has settled into quiet mode" are favorites. And I'm still lovin' the red background.

Happy December, Prude.

Joanie said...

Love the somersaulting sun! Great job, Anita!