Thursday, December 8, 2011

Through the courtesy of Flintstone feet.

When one is exposed to The Flintstones at an early, impressionable preschool age, and then one intentionally re-exposes oneself to the modern Stone-age family during the equally impressionable college years, one tends to think in Flintstonian terms:
-The Barney Rubble version of ‘Happy Anniversary’ is infinitely preferable to droning it along with the horrid Happy Birthday tune.
-Wilma Flintstone has the best garbage disposal and vacuum cleaner in the world in the world. But are they litter trained?
-People. Learn from the Rubbles and the Flintstones. Friends who are perfectly happy living next door to each other can’t live together without disastrous consequences.
-Remember the school bus driver episode? When Fred took a part-time job and turned into a quivering mass of antiquated lunchbox jello? Be kind to school bus drivers.
-Holding a flame under a thermometer to appear ill will not raise your temp to 140 degrees. Post Stone-age thermometers don’t go that high.
-There’s no bowling like Fred’s twinkle toe bowling.
-If the only new plot line writers can come up with involves an annoying alien named The Great Gazoo, maybe it’s time to fold up shop.
-Every show should have at least one episode based on ‘Rip Van Winkle’.
-Once you see ‘Perry Masonary’ on the Flintstones you can never think of the actual show by any other name.
-Hanna-Barbera were not two young ladies who collaborated on ‘The Flintstones’. They were two middle aged men and it was pronounced Bar-BEAR-a thank you very much.
Th-that’s all folks!
I meant Have a Yabba Dabba Do Day.


Suef said...

I don't remember 'Perry Masonary' but I would love to see it. I loved the Flintstones. We call Todd 'Bam-bam'.

Suef said...

'CALLED' Todd Bam-bam.

Lori Lipsky said...

Thanks for a visit back in time. You have me missing Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty.

Joanie said...

Yabba dabba do!