Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Silver and Gold. Gotta Get Me More Silver and Gold

(The Prude forgot to indicate that the theme of yesterday's series of photographs was 
'Sunrise Over Chicago')

Today we have a series of studies titled
'You Don't Have to be Rich to Stay in Chicago if it's Only for a Few Minutes'

The first photo in this series is missing. It was a closeup of several
jars filled with a year's worth of loose change. $119. 43. It was lovely.
The next 2 photos show what 365 days of scrimping and saving paid for.

Parking at this museum:
and this hotel

We would have needed to double or triple that change to cover tips required for every bellhop, valet parking attendant, luggage guard and maid, not to mention the higher-than-your-I.Q. sales tax.

Chicago may know that the rest of the nation is muddling through a recession. It just chooses rise above it.
The higher the menu prices at a restaurant, the longer the waiting list to be seated.

Every store bulges with shoppers. Occasionally you  see one fly out  the revolving doors because the strain is too great. But, with all the courage and fortitude of a Midwestern Consumer, the popped-out shopper will brush itself off, grasp its credit card and charge back in.

Yup, there's gold in them thar hillocks.

Sometimes it is hidden. The Prude's husband requested a photo, not of the upscale vehicle residing on this wheel, but the pricey, prestigious Bosch caliper nestled behind the rim.

Silver and gold. It's everywhere in Chicago.

Except in The Prude's pocket. She and her family have done their bit to keep Chicago sailing atop the economic slump.
We'll be expecting a thank you card.


Lori Lipsky said...

Looks like you had a good time in Chicago. I'm glad.
Let me know when your thank you card arrives and I'll do a back flip or two.

Suef said...

Maybe the thank you card will come from Mayor Rom himself. You deserve it. I prefer to enjoy Chicago through your clever writing!