Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Satchel of Disapproval is Replaced by the Cache of Corny Photos

Picture Your Prude right now.
She is sitting in front of her (desktop) computer.
She is rested and refreshed from several days in the Northwoods with her husband, away from TV, internet access and major appliances.
She has a rosy glow of windburn in her cheeks and she should have an entire arsenal of Disapprovals in her Satchel of Disapprovals.
And she discovers she left the Satchel of Disapproval somewhere in the Northwoods- possibly at the McDonalds that gave out free coffee.

Never fear. She is having the satchel sent posthaste and it should be here in time for a hearty disapproval tomorrow.
But today she needs to resort to her old standby:
Photojournalistic Forays

The Prude titles this one ‘Evidence that the Upper Midwest is Getting Tired of Winter’

The snow is bored with falling vertically and attempts a horizontal movement. Next trick? A full 360.

 Folks trade in fur hats and facewarmers for swim caps and goggles.

An entire gambling industry has sprung up to see which icicle will reach the ground first.

Hardwood Chiropractic Clinics are the hot new industry, while

the ice business has gone cold.

Dressing in Caribbean colors lifts the spirits.


Roof rakes have lost their effectiveness
And even Vince Lombardi has trouble keeping his hands warm.


Tammy said...

Great post! :)

Robin J. Steinweg said...

These photos would lift a leaden sky, dear Prude! I am even inclined to like winter, with such entertainment at hand.