Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Could someone tilt that starboard axis to port?

Yesterday The Prude tackled the mathematical concept of ratios.
She hopes the technical language didn’t confuse anyone.
Because today we delve into the nitty gritty world of physical science.

The Prude has an issue with the earth’s axis.

She did extensive research this morning and learned that the earth has a wobbly axis (and at this point one wonders if the ancient soap opera should not have been more aptly named ‘As The World Wobbles’).

And (don’t be afraid, but it this is a scientific fact as evidenced by the following image from timezone.com) the axis, possibly bored with it’s present course, is plotting a new wobble.

Do you see that sometime in the next 12,000 or so years (since this isn’t Math Monday we don’t have to figure it out to the decimal place) the axis that skewers the earth will wobble to an entirely different direction?

And at some point in its journey, will it be pointing a little more up and down?
Because The Prude is convinced that the earth’s axis may be to blame for cakes that come out of the oven looking like this:

Or the Seasonal Photo Wall in the kitchen that, no matter how many times is is adjusted, lists to starboard:

(For those sailors among us- no offense but please don’t correct me on port and starboard.
It is all relative at the Prude’s house.)

Or the Family Wall of Fame, which, as family walls are wont to do, shift towards or away from each other, possibly due to a particularly indecisive axial wobble.

Every week The Prude needs to adjust these pictures so they are on an even plane.
Every birthday she needs to slather more icing on the downward slope of the cake.

Can anyone tell her how soon the axis will attain the even keel?
Because she has another birthday cake to bake in March.

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