Monday, February 7, 2011

The Prude and the 21st Century

Small portion of the Lapsed Habit

The Prude was quite fond of the 20th century.  Almost all of her favorite people were born in that century. Most of her favorite books were written then, many of her favorite TV shows and movies were filmed then, and ranch dressing was invented.

The Prude made her own entrance into the 20th century about 3 weeks late, and she has been losing ground ever since.
Television remotes often confuse her, she still prefers a land line to a cell phone, and she thinks the Green Hornet from the 60’s is much cuter than the 2011 version. She has yet to figure out how to gracefully abbreviate years. Saying “WWII ended in ‘44”, or “Perry Mason first aired in ‘57” or “We finally broke down and bought a computer in ‘98” is easy and natural. But The Prude still is adjusting to shortening the years since 1999. Her nephew was born in oh-oh.  Her dog was born in oh-six and her blog was born in ten?
It just doesn’t have the same rhythm.

And now The Prude is facing a situation. She won’t have access to her desktop computer for a few days.
And- did you guess this one already?- she doesn’t own a laptop.

To do her justice, she has progressed to the stage where she is not only THINKING of buying a laptop, she even has a passing acquaintance with the laptops of her sons.
She has used them often enough to remember that there is no mouse, but not often enough to master the art of gently tapping that little touch pad.

So The Prude will not be able to blog for a few days. This worries her greatly- she was so determined to never miss a weekday post, no matter how trifling or confusing the topic may be.  She worries that missing a few days will relegate the blog to the same place every lapsed habit goes to- the ‘Lapsed Habit’ pile. It may join her unfinished volume of  ‘War and Peace’ her unfinished bags of 10 Veggies a Day, and her Shake Weight.

So, if you don’t see a post by the end of the week you can safely assume ‘The Prude Disapproves’ is in the Lapsed Habit pile, tangled up in yarn from ‘Everyday Knitting Projects’ and squashed between the balls from “Learn Juggling in 10 Minutes a Day’

But maybe- just maybe- eleven will be the year she doesn’t add anything to the Lapsed Habit Pile. And finishes reading ‘War and Peace’.


Sue said...

I don't believe it! No Lapsed Habit pile for the Prude. You do this because it is your creative outlet and something you excel at. And now you have a fan base that needs you! I mention this just in case you need this reminder. I have taken to reading daily instead of off and on to catch up. I need you Prudy. I am choking up with tears at the thought of the Lapsed Habit pile!

Tammy said...

Oooh! You can knit while your computer is unavailable!

bethBA said...

You can post from your local library! I did that for many months when I had no access to the Internet. I'm with Sue - don't know if I could survive without my daily dose of The Prude...