Monday, January 9, 2012

Where Angry Birds lurk, can Angry Dragons be far behind?

Today, Global Village Monday, The Prude warns and informs of news in certain areas of the world that may or may not affect certain other areas. Could there be a sinister connection between the frightening new commemorative stamp in China, an uproar over a sushi-bound tuna in Japan and the popular game developed in Finland called ‘Angry Birds’?
Of course.
The anger is headed this way and soon will be lapping at the cheerful shores of the US.
Stick with me here and see the connections:
1) Bird flu was first reported in China. This makes the Finnish birds angry

2) China is entering the Year of the Dragon.
It issued a commemorative stamp of a fierce, raging dragon.
There are rumblings that the dragon is ‘too scary’.
Speculation abounds on why the fearsome dragon is sold in China when it could be scaring the pants off the rest of the world.

3)  China and Japan are not the best of pals.
The Chinese originated sushi 2400 years ago. But the Japanese
‘adopted’ it as their own and now everyone who thinks ‘sushi’ thinks ‘Japan’.
A bluefin tuna caught off the coast of Japan recently snared a whopping quarter of a million dollar price tag from a sushi restaurant chain. This makes tuna lovers livid. They want the bluefin tuna protected

You see how chain reactions work. What is next?

Possibly 4) Livid tuna lovers in Japan may spawn copycat protests in America.
Pigs could wonder why no one stands up and speaks for THEM.
This could irk pork producers in the US who already suffer an identity crisis.
The pigs could start a rumble with the producers.
And if you know anything about the game ‘Angry Birds’, nothing makes them angrier than pigs.
Which lands us back in Finland with birds in high dudgeon ready to get the ball of wrath rolling around the world again.

Remember: Anger is one letter short of danger. Be alert for acrimonious pigs. You heard it here first.


Susan said...

Thank you for putting my day in perspective!;)

Lori Lipsky said...

I'm always learning here, Prude. Your post today sent me researching China's commemorative dragon stamp. I'd missed that in the news. Thanks for enlightening me.

Suef said...

I agree with Susan...perspective in my day!

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