Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say uncle. Or maybe auntie?

Sometimes you see something that reminds you of something else and then you have to drag your loved ones out in the snow to take a picture.

And then, to make sure everyone else makes the same connection you did so your loved ones don't say 'I told you no one would get it!"
you spend an hour googling the right photo to add to your photo so everyone will say,
"Sure. If you say so."

I say so. You don't want me to send my guys over there and make you say uncle, do you?


Lori Lipsky said...

Sure, if you say so, Prude!

Good thing you googled that photo or I never would have gotten it:-).

bethBA said...

Your family never ceases to amaze me at their willingness to pose for you. What are your bribing secrets??

s said...

I'm with Beth. I could get Gabe to do just about anything for a grape what do you use?! I loved the post Prude!