Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy January 19!

Did you think January 19 to be a day of little import?
No friends.
Jan. 19 has something for everyone.

For the mystery/truly creepy horror stories lover: Edgar Allen Poe, the ‘Father of the Modern Detective Story’was born Jan. 19, 1809. Edgar can thank James Watt, the creator of the copy machine, born Jan 19, 1736, for the easy mass production of his novels.
Those who know the difference  between Impressionistic and Post-Imperssionism art will want to wish Paul Cezanne a happy 183rd birthday.

Civil war junkie? Say Happy Birthday to Robert E. Lee, born this day in 1807, and marvel that EXACTLY 54 years later Georgia seceded from the union. Coincidence? You decide.

Jan. 19 for some reason generates wars and rumors of wars and violence. In 1915 the Germans began the first ever air raids on Great Britain and 8 years later the French (the FRENCH?) announced the invention of a gun with a firing range of 56 miles. FIFTY SIX MILES, PEOPLE!
In 1945 the Red Army captured Lodz, Krakow and Tarnow in Poland and in 1968 Cambodia accused the US of crossing their border and killing 3 Cambodians.

On a happier note, today in 1981 the release of American hostages in Iran was arranged.

Another ‘coincidence’: Jan 19, 1931 attempts were made to repeal the dry law, and a mere 4 years later the first canned beer went on sale.

And, to make sure you know that January 19 has something for everyone: It is the day in 1523 that Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli published his manifesto, the day in 1902 that the first Tour de France was announced, and the day William Pitt in 1783 became the youngest Prime Minister of England at age 24.
Which is the exact age of The Prude’s eldest son, which is giving her great pause for reflection.
Happy January 19 everyone! Hope you look at it with some real respect!


Suef said...

My respect for this date has just ballooned! Thanks!

Susan said...

Prime Minister of England at 24! When one has "children" approaching that age, it does give one pause. Sometimes it seems like people matured faster back then, or maybe more was expected of them.

Lori Lipsky said...

I love "it happened on this date" info.

Happy birthday to Cezanne, to Robert E.Lee and happy birthday to your beloved Sam.

Great post.