Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stock up on the ginger

This will be fun. Today is History AND Craft Project Wednesday.
The Prude wants to share this delightful little idea to make history enjoyable and edible.
Turn your historical figures into gingerbread men.
The folks on the platter were created by the Prude to give to her English history and lit class.
They represent some of our favorite real or fictional personages.
See if you can tell who is who.

-which is the Pictish warrior at the vanguard of the body paint/tattoo craze?
-which is  Celtic Queen Boudicca, a woman with a vendetta against the Romans?
-which is the Green Knight who lost his head over Sir Gawain?
-which is King Alfred the Great and his burned griddle cake, whose greatness did not extend to baking?
-which is the  Monster Grendal who would have given his right arm to defeat Beowulf?
-which one, with his Merry Men, robbed from the rich? (hint: the answer is not the US government)

Think of the fun you can have. You can make Lord of the Rings gingerbread men.
US Presidents.
American Idol contestants.
You could even move beyond human form and make the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
The Prude has dibs on the pyramid.

Tomorrow is Quirks of the Cosmos Thursday, and we may just have more fun looking at the results of the Iowa Caucus.


bethBA said...

I thought she was Pocahontas - minus her feather!

The Prude said...

Beth, that is so funny. I was going to say something about how she looked like an Indian princess!

Suef said...

It was a lot of work for you to do all that frosting coloring and decorating! But very fantastic work I must say!

Lori Lipsky said...

I bet you thought there was no need to leave a key with the correct answers at the bottom. Not so, Prude.

However, after three times through, if the Pictish warrior (whatever that means) is the guy in blue, then give me my A. If not, I'll need that answer key.

Terrific idea for moms and teachers willing to bake:-).

Ellen said...

I made a Donald Driver gingerbead man this year, grin and all :)

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Mm, mm, good! Home Ec, Chemistry, Math, History, and Health class (food, dontcha know) all rolled into one (or several) gingerbread adventure.