Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh baby, please don't go

It has been a fabulous autumn here in the midwest. Most mornings take that additional couple of hours they've acquired to apply full make-up and make a tantalizingly late appearance.

Those who make it their business to watch the changes in the sky so they can glean the greatest abundance from earth notice the feather-glazing but don't stop to admire

They know it's time to get everyone out in the field:
the little guys

and the big guns

Before the dichromatic winter months, this autumn has extended its color commentary into overtime

But the grudging sun with the pittance of light is taking a toll

After the midwest scurrying comes the long dark quiet of winter.

Thank you Autumn 2011, for lavishing us with such a riot of beauty. We won't forget you.


Suef said...

Poetry in word and photo! Thanks. I enjoyed it sooo much!

Lori Lipsky said...

The title echoes my feelings exactly!

I loved this! Beautiful photos, Prude. I will enjoy going back and looking at them again and again (three times so far).

Tammy said...

Simply gorgeous! I just shared these with my boys so they would know what seasons are supposed to look like. :)

Robin J. Steinweg said...

This comes from the gal who even forgets her camera when it's WITH her--thank you, Prude. A cornucopia both eye-able and word-ible!