Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Mist and All

Have I shared this poem yet?
It has been my favorite for a long time. Even before my first bell bottoms.
If it isn't a misty day today feel free to read it again on a day that is.
The Mist and All
by Dixie Willson

I like the fall

The mist and all

I like the night owl’s lonely call

And wailing sound

Of wind around

I like the gray

November day

And dead, bare boughs
that coldly sway

Against my pane

I like the rain
I like to sit

And laugh at it

And tend my cozy fire a bit

I like the fall

The mist and all


ScheltyDebate said...

Love it! Thank you!!!!

Lori Lipsky said...

I prefer the sunny fall days, but loved this poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I like y'all--summer or fall! Thanks for sharing the poem!