Monday, November 14, 2011

Light at the Museum

The Prude, never one to shy away from 'adopting' other bloggers' ideas, this week 'adopts' the notion of taking readers along to various fun spots. She 'adopted' this idea from Lori at
The Prude, for the next five days, invites you to come with her to the Milwaukee Art Museum.
The major difference between Lori and The Prude is that the former would educate and inform you, the latter will drag you with all haste from pillar to post.

Today: Light at the Museum

First light- in the lobby with an expanse of windows facing Lake Michigan that allow copious amounts of light to flood the building.

Almost too much light...

The Prude never tires of Lake views.

See how Kirshner uses light to focus on the poor young woman in the rear? The one who is wearing last year's hat and lost the top button of her coat?

If Bonnard had painted this young woman's entire face with light, she would just be a pleasant young woman. As it is, she is a bit enigmatic, don't you think?

The shadows of the sculptures and figures are fascinating

One of my favorite works of light, by Peto

My other favorite use of light: Mars, god of war, by Van Honthorst

John George Brown's painting is sentimental and the children's features are rather coarse. But the light, while not softening those features, also isn't harsh. It shows how a nice, plain little girl can glow with something approaching beauty when she is admired and entertained by a lively young boy.

Poor little serving boy. The spotlight is turned on his mishap. He is now the center of a great deal of unwanted attention.

Tomorrow- Fright at the Museum. If you dare.


Suef said...

I will dare! See you tomorrow at the Museum.

Lori Lipsky said...

I look forward to reading this week to see how the Prude has been inspired by the Milwaukee Art Museum. Thanks for the mention.

I hope your readers will have the opportunity to get over to visit the museum before the awesome Impressionism exhibit leaves on January 8th to head over to Austria.

Loved your look at light.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I still say that Mars doesn't look very god-like, and the view of the lake through the branches looks like a negative of what I saw driving into the snow last Wednesday.

Prude, your perspective is diverting.

Everyone should spend a day viewing art (and life) with both the Prude and Lori Lipsky's Visits and Verse!