Thursday, November 17, 2011

MIght at the Museum

Artists have a special gift for portraying strength and might and power in all their dimensions. They reveal power that crushes, bittersweet might that is only a memory, and the strength which creates and heals.
Rampant lion on an Austrian clock
American folk art
Think of the power of the printed word. It's sobering, isn't it.

So much power, pride and menace is symbolized by a suit of armor. And all I could think was 'I had a pair of shoulder pads like that twenty years ago!"

'Windblown' by von Werefkin 
Anyone who has tried to hang sheets on the line in a windstorm knows it packs more punch than the knight in the armor. And does anyone else want to tell the woman at the clothesline she'd have an easier time if she switched sides?

Chinese Contemporary Warriors (a foot) Yue Minjun 
Even barefoot, can you imagine the pain this guy could inflict if he were a lousy fox-trotter?

Chagall's  'The Horseman'
At first glance I thought this horseman was rampaging through a Russian village. Then I saw the flowers in his hand. Ah, the power of a young lover trying to keep his horse from trampling on the skins-only object of his affection.

Remington 'The Mexican Soldier'
Is this soldier as old and tired as he appears? But he isn't stooped at all. Does he take courage in his firearm and ammunition? In his convictions? In the mighty deeds he has done?

Speaking of something whose glory days just may be waning...

At first I wasn't too impressed by the size of the dragon St. George slew. But he really isn't much more than a slender young boy. And fire is fire.

Speak softly and carry a couple of big paddles

This is called 'The Greeter' by Podlinsek. He reminds me of the Tin Man who only wanted a heart which is the seat of all the most powerful emotions. Hence it belongs in the 'Might at the Museum' category, as does this one:

St. Gaudens
Look at what the Puritan is carrying under his arm. I'm guessing it is a Bible, and the Story inside has power over all eternity.


Susan said...

You always make me laugh!

Lori Lipsky said...

What a clever museum perspective. I love this look through a Prude's eyes.

The Remington is growing on me.

Suef said...

Thanks for the continued tour! I am still smiling!