Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fright at the Museum


Some art you can picture in your living room. Other art you can picture in, say, Dracula's parlor, or the Marquis de Sade's torture chamber, or the dentist's office.
Some art is just plain scary.

Sure, he looks all peaceful and kind here. Wait till the lid creaks open in the middle of the night and a guy wrapped in Charmin struggles to get out.

Not too scary, unless you happen to be on Haman's family tree.

I considered calling the above and the two following: BITE at the Museum

Don't let the bright colors fool you. Those synchronized swimmers are actually the Undead being called to the overworld.

This guy provided the sound effect as the dripping zombies drag their rotting corpses from the water.

This young shepherd boy is leading a blind Homer through a pack of vicious wild dogs. Robin said, "Look at his eyes up close. You can see the fear." Robin is a perceptive lady.

This is the sort of gentleman who roams the halls of Gothic mansions at night, causing chaste, negligeed heroines to jump into the arms of prodigiously muscled but inscrutable heros.

You don't really need the Prude to tell you why this guy is included, do you?

And finally, The Prude adds a painting that causes her to relive one of the worst nightmares of her life
When she was pregnant with her firstborn she dreamt that he came out looking like the little boy in the left.


Hope46 said...

That last painting is definitely scarier than the zombies.

Suef said...

Chuckling through and sometimes laughing through the whole thing. Thanks Prude!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Gasp! =D Thanks for a whole new view of these Masterpieces--I certainly didn't get quite this close when we were there!

So relieved your boys came out looking different. I mean different from the boy on the left, not "different" LIKE the boy on the left!