Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quirks of the Cosmos Thursday: I have to go WHERE?

The Prude isn’t obsessed with toilets.
Really she isn’t.
Don’t take 2 toilet posts in 2 days as an indication of anything other than one thing leading to another.
Yesterday The Prude did some extensive background research for her post on how to say
‘public restroom’ in German.
That one thing led to another thing, and she discovered that-
-you often have to pay to use a public restroom in Europe and
-toilet paper is considered an ‘additional cost’
-many restrooms are coed
-many restrooms have toilets that would be unidentifiable as such in suburban America

-‘public restroom’ acquires a whole new meaning 

-one should always avoid the puddles on the floor
-if women wear skirts they will find it easier to use some toilets than if they wear pants,

-many tourists recommend taking along toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer and rubber boots.
 -The Prude would be a card-carrying member of this organization if she lived in England:

All of which convinces the Prude that if she went traveling in Europe, 
she would have to wait to go till she got home.

On a related note, The Prude has been mulling lately.
As the only female in a household of 4 males, would it have been more polite all these years to put the toilet seat UP, when she left the restroom?

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