Friday, June 3, 2011

Photojournalism Friday: Pre-Reaping the Whirlwind

Let's play the 'Spot the Differences' Game

There are 5 sets of pictures below, with subtle but distinct differences in each.
See if you can spot the differences, then read on for the wrap-up.

SET # 1

SET #2

SET #3

Set #4

SET #5
How did you do?
Did you notice in EVERY instance something missing in the 2nd photo?
And do you know WHY these items are missing?
Because when the skies darken and the Weather Channel bleats its constant 'Conditions right for tornado in your area' klaxon call,
Your Prude, your  don't-mess-with-equalizing-pressure Prude,
instead of hieing herself into the basement,
dashes around the house removing precious items, memorabilia and reminders of loved ones from their rightful places and hauling them to the basement.
She also brings shoes with soles (if she needs to pick her way over rubble) the car keys, fresh drinking water, and a change of underwear for every member of the family.
They join her father's old Bible, the baby doll from her mother, and her children's baby books and photo albums that live downstairs all year until fall, when they migrate UPSTAIRS in case burst water pipes flood the basement.
Yes, this is Your Prude.
A woman who can face down a tornado and ask it to please hold off until she can get her wedding photos below ground level.
Enjoy your weekend, and The Prude's very sincere is that the USA remains

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know someone who can hold down the fort properly with a tornado bearing down upon her! - Joanie