Friday, June 17, 2011

I love to See You Smile

My father was in the hospital with his final illness, unable to communicate, just waiting on heaven.
During one of the long night watches my sister asked the chaplain to sit with her, and started telling  all about our dad. (We call him 'Daddy' and make no apologies about it)
The chaplain commented with sympathy that he sounded like a wonderful man.
And suddenly my sister realized that SHE was the one feeling pity.
Pity for the chaplain and others like him who would never know this gentle, tender, loving man.

In honor of Father's Day, I'd like you to meet my Dad.
He was worth the knowing.
Circa 1920
He's the blond in the sailor suit with the tilted eyes

Bad Boy/Snappy Dresser Years

Looking all Bad Boy
Making Good Cooking Look Good
Ah- the Wringer Washer Hat
Showing off socks with Cousin Marlene

The Daddy/Binoculars Man Years

According to the date, a month before my birth. The parakeet is no relation
Mom, Daddy, Little Prude already looking disgusted, Big Sis
Mom, Dad, Little Brother & Sis, the Ubiquitous Binoculars
Again with the Binoculars
A teacher who influenced hundreds of students (binoculars present but out of sight)
Support for the shaking bride- both of us trying not to cry

 The Grandpa Years

The Final Years



ScheltyDebate said...

Really loved walking through time with you this morning. Thank you!

Tammy said...

What a great collection of memories! Thanks for sharing.

mom said...

You are blessed to have wonderful memories of your dad, Anita!

Sooooo, are you going to explain the binoculars? Was he a birdwatcher?

Tammy ~@~