Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Know where we can get some Weather Clearasil?

In The Prude’s research for Weather Wednesday, she discovered that

a) weather cycles exist
b) a cycle can be 7 /500/1500 years. (depending on your expert)

No matter the ultimate age of our current weather cycle- this year it reached

Though we aren’t sure if there is an exact correlation between human years and weather years, The Prude is certain that about 4 years ago it was in its Terrible Two’s.
It squalled never-ending torrents of rain. 

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any naughtier it spent November through April dumping 100" messes  of snow everywhere.

The next few years were rocky, although Weather seemed to show some signs of maturing.
But this year it has hit puberty with a vengeance.

We get the cold shoulder one day. The next we are warmly lavished with record highs.
Weather will be all sweet and attractive. Then someone will say something it doesn’t like and
It stomps around and throws this at us:

One minute Weather is calm and dreamy.

 It frolicks with little wind gusts.

In a decorative mood it tries some freehand artwork.

Then some air current it forgot to put away messes with the design and Weather has
a 20 minute tantrum, screaming, crying buckets and tossing things like The Prude’s trash can.

The tantrum only lasts so long and then remorse sets in. Weather is all glum and moody.

But something- a bird’s song? The sun glinting off an airplane? A particularly pretty weather balloon?- puts it in a happy mood.
And Weather perks up, freshens up, and tries out some new looks.

Let’s just hope this isn’t the year Weather’s face breaks out.


Lori said...

I enjoyed this, Anita.

Hope46 said...

Very well said.:-)