Monday, June 27, 2011

Olympic Fever: The first symptoms

England is busy, busy, busy.

They no sooner get the world sent home and the mess cleaned up from the royal wedding than they turn right around and start getting ready to have the world back again.
Yes, the 2012 Olympics are coming and the Prude is
Ever since the 1972 Olympics she has been an Olympic fanatic. That summer she decided she wanted to marry Mark Spitz, tried a Olga Korbut hairdo, threw a book at the TV when Russia got extra time added to the clock to beat the US basketball boys, and cried and prayed for the Israeli team.
Today she wants to stoke that fever by sharing some of her favorite sporting moves. You may or may not see these replicated in London next year.

Outdoor sawhorse tennis


 Standing deep hole high jump

Remember how someone decided to combine dance and swimming, add nose clips and call it
How about we add dance to the following?

Synchronized volleyball

Synchronized soccer

Mixed doubles synchronized balance beam

In the interests of World Peace and crashing age barriers we could add:
Hug Football

Bubble Blowing


And Puppy Tetherball

Finally, let's give a nod to all those athletes whose spirit is willing
but whose flesh is weak

Come back for the Tuesday Stew, when The Prude designs new outfits for the Olympic gymnasts!

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