Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Curious Case of Abundant Buttons

The Prude is convinced that even total global annihilation will not make a dent in the world’s button supply.
The fashion industry must have gotten a memo:
Made too many buttons. Adjust fashions accordingly
So sure enough, a spare button comes with every article of clothing purchased, sometimes even accompanying clothes that are button-free.
Long after the shirt or pants or sweater is in the ragbag, you still have that button.
Because You Never Know.
The Prude finds buttons sewn to the outside of her sleeves to catch a little roll-sleeve tab, and on the sides of her summer roll-up pants.
People, how did we ever keep our sleeves or pant legs rolled up before the advent of button tabs?
One can purchase craft books on buttons crafts: they show how to use buttons on jewelry, waste baskets, clocks, Christmas ornaments, a Christmas TREE and…clothing.
One site even recommends using buttons as poker chips.
Don’t forget Frosty the Snowman, who thumbed his button nose at carrots.
The Prude’s son, in a burst of ingenuity, once figured out that a button was the perfect size to fit up his nose.
Important CEO’s and attorneys are forever calling attention to their suit buttons as they unbutton to sit down, button to stand up.
And just yesterday The Prude heard the song ‘Buttons and Bows’ on TV.
She doesn’t want to be an alarmist, but
can you say ‘Button Conspiracy’?


mom said...

LOL, Anita! Sooooo true! I had never thought about buttons like this before. I even have jars of buttons that were my grandma's buttons.....AND I have a friend who would like to take a look at them as she sells buttons at an antique store! Can you imagine? I may have buttons that are worth some money, but it's hard for me to even consider parting with any one of them. After all, they were my grandma's buttons and must be very rare! HA! After reading this I realize how rare they are NOT and I should contact my friend immediately!

Tammy ~@~

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Button, button, who's got the button?

I LOVE buttons! I want to collect them, but I can't imagine what to do with them.

Still, they are charming, round, round, charming things in shapes and colors and patterns.

I'm tickled you wrote about buttons. I like pockets, too. The only thing better than a pocket is a pocket with a button on it.

Ever write about pockets? Corduroy's Pocket, for instance...