Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bit Chile

Today The Prude asks you to join her in giving Chile a big, brotherly/sisterly hug. Along with the rest of the world, The Prude is feeling extremely affectionate towards the Chilean people, its President, its dedicated rescue workers, and especially for a particular group of 33 amazing men.

Since sending roses and chocolates to everyone in Chile isn’t feasible, let’s celebrate all things Chilean today. The sorts of things that meet with Prude Approval. Feel free to add  or correct. Your Prude has no first hand knowledge of any of the following facts and is counting on Google (which hates her. That will be a post for another day).

Chile is the slenderest country in the world. Chubby nations look on in envy. It is also tall and wealthy, which leads those plump kingdoms to moan that some countries have all the luck.

Chile calls their soccer team the o’Higgions. This could explain why their only Olympic gold medals are in tennis.

Chileans eat 4 meals a day. FOUR. And while they grow all kinds of healthy fruits and salmon, they like to feast on Lomo a la pobre (poor man’s steak), a combination of steak topped with two fried eggs and smothered with french fries. (One wonders- if the people of Chile continue to eat in this manner, will their country need to expand its borders?)

Appearances (in dress and manner) are very important in Chile so as to present one’s self in the best way possible. The Prude can personally attest to seeing photos of lovely young Chilean women going rock climbing in high heels. With better balance and agility than The Prude in her Frankenstein hiking boots.

Chileans drink a lot of coffee. This in itself is enough to dispose The Prude kindly towards them.

Chileans love their families and show them great affection, but they can be more reserved with strangers. Watch the family members of the miners. Don’t they seem much more affectionate with their rescued men than with the countless media people interviewing them?

Apropos of nothing, but of great interest to The Prude: David Selkirk, immortalized as Robinson Crusoe, survived a shipwreck and lived for several years on a desert island off the coast of Chile, no doubt thriving on the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit. (Note to Prudish self- eat more fruit. Apple pie does not count)

And finally, a direct quote from an actual Chilean:
‘Punctuality is not our virtue.
When you Chilean appointment at a given time, (sic) will tell you for example 'como a las 8' (as early as 8) meaning that he will arrive after the 8, ....may take even more than an hour!.
It's the same for a party, you should never get to the will be alone with the homeowner. You must arrive 1 or 2 hours late.'

Yes, The Prude loves all things Chilean. And in honor of them she is posting this 1-2 hours late.

(We must close here. Miner hero # 15 is about to be pulled out and Your Prude has some crying to do)


Tammy said...

Hooray for Chile... and a round of applause for the American ingenuity and technology that has helped sustain and rescue them!

I think I will go to Starbucks in honor of this wonderful day (as opposed to the other days when I go just for me. Totally different. I will think of Chile while I drink my Non-fat Venti Iced Mocha - tall and slender.)

Tammy said...

PS: I hope you take note of the fact that I leave blog comments here. On your blog. Because a FB comment is nice enough, but a blog comment is a treasure to the author and lasts forever. ;)

The Prude said...

Tammy! I do notice! And appreciate.
And treasure them. And comment on your comments.
Hopefully you feel so appreciated you keep commenting!

Wallydraigle said...

I've avoided watching any videos of the rescue because I'm sure I would be sobbing in three seconds, and I hate crying.

Also, did you hear about the one who was rescued, and one of the first things he did was ask about his dog? That warms the cockles of my tiny, cold heart.

Mark F. said...

Oh Dear Prude,
Bernardo O'Higgins is to Chile as George Washington is to the U.S. He was instrumental in winning independence from Spain in the early nineteenth century, and is revered as a hero and founding father of Chile. Thus his name appears all over Chile in geographical, political, cultural, and popular appellations. That the Chilean national soccer team bears his name is roughly the equivalent of our naming the U.S. team Washington, Jefferson, or Adams. The team does, unfortunately bear a resemblance to the [derogatory adjective deleted out of respect] Cubs in that the fans must always wait until next year (or the next four years, as the case may be) for the ever elusive championship. But, unlike the Cubs, they are a noble and laudable team whose time will eventually come... (Oops, sorry, hee, hee).

Please do not take the above explanation of O'Higgins as any kind of a rebuke, or a finger wagging lecture. I know that the Prude is a thirsting fount of knowledge ever in search of well-springs of learning, so I thought I would oblige, in my meager way...

What a delight and miracle that the miners are safely rescued. In a happy coincidence my own dear Chilean daughter-in-law has just returned today from visiting her homeland.

Anonymous said...

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The Prude said...

Dear Mark F. - I was hoping to hear from you, and this comment was worth waiting for! Thank you for the additional information and I have new respect for the O'Higgins. And sympathy (as a part-time Cubs fan).

I would never feel that you are lecturing! Feel free to contribute any time to my well-springs of learning. They seem to have developed a leak...

The Prude said...

Anonymous from Italy- welcome! Although I am a little worried that when you come back you will find The Prude seldom has anything of any real importance to say...