Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Cheating Heart

I was a young, impressionable college student who didn't even realize she was looking for the seasonal
coffee cups of her dreams.
Then I saw these.

It was love at first sight.
The love grew over the years with the addition of a Christmas cup from one of my students at my first teaching job,

a Valentine's cup as a new mom

and a set of springtime cups that I shared with my husband, to his overwhelming delight.

I bought this ego booster for myself when I started home schooling:

and dear Mrs. A got me this little harvest beauty.

I thought my joy would be complete with the addition of a WINTER as opposed to Christmas cup

but the joy only increased when I decorated my own little lovely with my favorite flower.

I was happy in my cups. I marked the changing of the seasons by bringing out the appropriate little cup, filling it with coffee and thinking how much better it tasted from a cup that corresponded to the calendar.
I would think the same thing as I refilled the chosen little cup, and refilled it again.

That is when the seeds of discontent were sown.
Slowly my eye began turning to big, muscular mugs. I began to purchase them. 
I would still get my pretty cups out as decorations and for guests who hadn't yet turned to the dark side. But the cups would sit, empty, while I avoided their gaze and filled the full-capacity mugs.

I'd like to say this story has a happy ending. That I saw the error of my ways and returned to the cups of my youth.
Alas. Once a coffee lover tastes from a mug, there is no going back to her cups.
Because beauty isn't so important.
It's what's inside that counts.


Lori Lipsky said...

I'm still with the "cups" on the left side, but probably on the cusp of turning to the "dark side."

I'll give some thought to your warning as I drink my morning coffee in the mornings.

I enjoyed this post and the pictures, Prude.

Hope46 said...

haha! At home, I, too, have a real mug to drink from.:-)
I love your line "I was happy in my cups."LOL

A Circle of Quiet said...

Mug-ology is a serious science around here, with very distinct branches. We have the "feel of the lip" family of mug lovers (whatEVER that means), the "big but not wide or it cools my coffee" family, and the far more subjective "it has to be the right color" family (that would be me.) At least this way everyone can have their favorite mug and not fight each other for it.

My tea cups hang on the wall, collecting that wretched kind of wet cob webby stuff that hangs out in busy kitchens.


Suef said...

Being a new coffee drinker I am still trying to figure out how to drink coffee without 30 sweetener packets a day. I need a thimble size .'mug'. Being a veteran you definitely deserve your muscular mugs. I am impressed with the 'ego' cup. I wanted to do that myself. Now, I will always pictured you with your muscular mug avoiding a pitiful cup gaze. Cute!