Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Blink

It was yesterday, no, maybe it was the day before that.

I was holding him on my lap, thinking he was the cleanest looking baby I had ever seen.
I kept gazing at him, but then–I had to blink.

And suddenly he was old enough to feed himself.

This time, I thought, I won't blink. But of course my eyes started to burn and I snuck in a quick one.
And he was getting dressed on his own.

So it went.  I would keep an eye on him, but it would only take a blink or two and he had turned into a party animal.

Blink. He could drive.

My eye would twitch shut for a split second and there he would be– babysitting,
feeding the family,
defending the family,
and whirling the bride around the dance floor.

But then–then– I swear I only looked away for a moment.
And there he stands in front of his new dorm.
What did you ask? Is there is something in my eye?
Oh, I'm just blinking.


mom said...

Ohhhhhhh, Anita! I soooooo understand that blinking problem. Really, we need to find a cure for that so mothers around the world aren't burdened with this health issue!

Tammy ~@~

Lori Lipsky said...

Oh dear. You'll have all your readers blinking and tearing up or bawling today!!

Beautiful pictures. Handsome son. Beautiful post!!!!!!

Kim said...

I am going to miss Kaleb, too! Maybe, when he comes home for a visit he can come and shoot a shovel full of gophers.

Cindy said...

So very true! I've been thinking of you this week. You always have such a wonderful way of expressing life's changes!

Suef said...

Oh my goodness I'm crying. And the blinking problem is even worse with the grandchildren! But a lovely writing. Thanks.

Susan said...

Wonderful. I am blinking a lot right now. Joe goes back on Monday.

Mark F. said...

Yeah, what Suef said, and then some...

A Circle of Quiet said...

There's "something in my eye" a lot these days.

Blessings on your handsome son,

Robin J. Steinweg said...

I wonder why we don't come with tissues attached? Empty house here, too, my friend.

You say it best!

Hope46 said...

Ah, we blink too often, and now you've got me started and I can't stop.

bethBA said...

Blink, blink. Maybe I should stop reading your blog...No, it touches me so. If his two older brothers are any indication, you will have no worries. You've trained them right and taught them God's Word. Hopefully you've also taught him how to gently fight off all the girls!! Keep yourself as busy as you can.

Joanie said...

Oh, Anita! Lots of blinks, but a wonderful view!