Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Macarena Day! Hahaaaa!

Now don´t you worry ´bout my boy friend 
the boy who´s name is Nicorino 
I don´t want him, ´cause sent him 
he was no good so I - hahaaaa 
Of course you recognize that as the 2nd verse of the classic hit
Today is its
Happy 15th Hit Birthday.
It topped the charts this date in 1996. It was no doubt assisted in its meteoric rise when it was deemed the unofficial theme song of the ’96 Democratic Convention and Vice President Gore.
In honor of such a momentous event, wouldn’t it  be nice to learn the lyrics of the song that changed the playlists at proms and weddings across the planet ?
Because, be honest, while you are on the dance floor trying to figure out if your hand goes on your posterior lower waist or behind your head, or if you should whirl clock or counter clockwise, are you singing any word except ‘Macarena’? Over and over and over? 
Today The Prude intended to teach you the lyrics.
However, they are not Prude-approved.
The only reason she shared the above section is because she is giving ‘hahaaaa’ the benefit of the doubt.
Instead, we can spend the rest of the day visualizing Mr. Gore Macarening, and worrying about how that no good Nicorino survived his hahaaaing.


Abbie Grace said...

that is the most annoying song! they play it at prom every year...

Suef said...

I remember that there was a song The Macarena only because I have a Chilean friend with the same name. Your post is so funny again that it can only be enhanced if I utube The Macarena. I love you.