Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blame it on the zany redhead

Artistic representation of future politicians etc. at their most vulnerable
When politicians make excuses, when Wall Street bankers pass the buck, and elected leaders pass the blame, do not FOR A SECOND doubt them.
It is not their fault.
They were born and bred that way.
The Prude will go even further. She can almost guarantee that every single man and woman of them have one thing in common.
At some time in their lives they saw an episode of ‘I Love Lucy’.
And that is where all the trouble began.
These impressionable little original sinners were plopped in front of the television and subjected to a half hour of a young woman opening her eyes big and wide and lying and scheming and tricking and wasting money and maneuvering herself into positions of power or leadership or dance numbers for which she was totally unsuited.
And everyone laughed and loved her.
Can you look at those governing us and all our stuff and see any difference?
Except for the loving part- not one thing.
But next time you want to point a finger of shame when your Duly Elected Representative or a Federal Reserve Banker or a Ponzi Schemer badly misbehaves, take a second look.
See them through the eyes of compassion. 
Remember that at a crucial juncture in their formative years, when their entire worldview was being formed, they were learning that naughtiness is funny and cute and laughable.
The Prude is only surprised that more of them haven’t dyed their hair carrot-red.

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Susan said...

Mark and I once stopped in the midst of hilarious laughter at some TV comedy, and realized that most of the comedy came from characters lying to cover their sins, being caught in the lies, and lying some more.